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Why Apparent Contradictions?

I have based a large part of my life on the premise that two statements that contradict one another cannot both be true. I am also aware that I sometimes live a life that seems inconsistent with this belief. Often times this creates apparent contradictions. I am now inviting you to be apart of them.

Tony Stewart Running Great, Week 2...

For a second week in a row Tony has had a strong top 10 run. He is one of only three drivers to have top 10 finishes in the first two weeks. Not bad for a guy with a new team. I hope the season keeps going this strong all year long.

He is currently tied for third in the season long championship standing, but is still really early in the sesaon and 33 drivers are within 250 points of the lead.

If you are a Nascar fan feel free to chime in. I will try not to be mean when talking about your favorite driver.


  1. Crystal B. Brewer said...

    I'm willing to bet you'd be mean to me... I'm a Gordon fan. haha

  2. Tim said...

    I probably would be, but he has been running pretty good this year. I actually hoped he would beat Kenseth last week. I still don't like the way that Nascar gave him the 500. They could have restarted that race, but didn't because they didn't want to interrupt Fox's primetime schedule or move the race to the Speed channel.

  3. Erin said...

    I am a Jimmie Johnson fan. :) Seriously kidding!!!!

    I am glad Tony is doing so well. Your voice is probably not so happy when you are screaming at the TV.

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