My name is Tim Patterson. I am a husband, father, Southern Baptist Minister, and Network Administrator/Engineer. I currently work at North Greenville University in Tigerville, SC. Erin is my wife and Veronica my daughter is just something special. I like reading, discussing theology, photography, sports, and being a couch potato when time permits.

Why Apparent Contradictions?

I have based a large part of my life on the premise that two statements that contradict one another cannot both be true. I am also aware that I sometimes live a life that seems inconsistent with this belief. Often times this creates apparent contradictions. I am now inviting you to be apart of them.

Quick Run Down of Things These Last Couple of Weeks

I know I have been a bit sporadic to say the least these last few weeks, but it has been a very trying time in the Patterson household. I will give you a quick run down.

Erin and I have been as sick as dogs with a nasty bug that took about three weeks to fully kick. I am just finishing 20 days of antibiotics and there are more to come.

We thought for about a week that we were going to have another child enter our family, but God did not will for this to happen for us yet.

Veronica has been really sick the last week. Crazy high fevers, numerous doctors visits, antibiotic changes, and some general quietness that is just uncommon for our house.

Finally, work has been really challenging and disheartening at times, because I have some projects that I just couldn't get the necessary participants to get on board so we could close them out, some projects have been close to finished only to have last minute setbacks that plague the possibility of keeping established deadlines, and some things that have been working are just dying because of damage to the hardware layer. All this work has come at the detriment of my family, health, rest, and in some ways sanity. A 15 hour day has been all too common during this time.

I know the next two weeks are going to be really tough at work as we still have some major initiatives that have hard deadlines to meet, but I should be more frequent in my posting and I still have several things to catch up on.


  1. Erin said...

    I love you, babe, and I appreciate everything you have done as my husband and helpmate the last few weeks. You are awesome!!!

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