My name is Tim Patterson. I am a husband, father, Southern Baptist Minister, and Network Administrator/Engineer. I currently work at North Greenville University in Tigerville, SC. Erin is my wife and Veronica my daughter is just something special. I like reading, discussing theology, photography, sports, and being a couch potato when time permits.

Why Apparent Contradictions?

I have based a large part of my life on the premise that two statements that contradict one another cannot both be true. I am also aware that I sometimes live a life that seems inconsistent with this belief. Often times this creates apparent contradictions. I am now inviting you to be apart of them.

Gatorade or Seminole Firewater... Just stirring the cooler with my two cents.

Not being one to miss a chance to put my Noles out in front of the Gators, I was reminded of this story by one of the comments on the blog and I decided I should put it out their for public consumption.

Gatorade as a concept was not invented by the University of Florida.  There I said it.  It was possibly invented by a doctor at Florida State (I also doubt this based on some other research, but the bottom line is that it wasn't a Gator thing first).  There was a athletic drink called Seminole Firewater made a full 5 years before the Gatorade patent was applied for.  

Does any of this really matter?  Not much but it is fun to know that my Noles are always ahead of the curve so to speak and it is one more thing I can use to jab Gator fans with when we talk (maybe even spear them with, you know like one of those big arrowhead tipped, feather ladden spears).


  1. Erin said...

    I argued with two of my students about Florida vs. Florida State for five full minutes at recess today - you would have been proud!

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