My name is Tim Patterson. I am a husband, father, Southern Baptist Minister, and Network Administrator/Engineer. I currently work at North Greenville University in Tigerville, SC. Erin is my wife and Veronica my daughter is just something special. I like reading, discussing theology, photography, sports, and being a couch potato when time permits.

Why Apparent Contradictions?

I have based a large part of my life on the premise that two statements that contradict one another cannot both be true. I am also aware that I sometimes live a life that seems inconsistent with this belief. Often times this creates apparent contradictions. I am now inviting you to be apart of them.

Tony Stewart is the Man!!!

I am not going to make to much of a deal out of it tonight as it was just the Bud Shootout Race, but Tony Stewart looks like he is great.  He was in 16th position with two laps to go and with 1/2 a lap to go he made his way up to 3rd and was moving up but the race ended on a wreck and he didn't have any more time to move up.  I am so glad to see he is looking this strong to start his new season as a owner and driver.


  1. Erin said...

    I am so happy (for you) that Nascar is back. :) I love hearing you scream at the TV - you are the ultimate Tony fan!

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