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Why Apparent Contradictions?

I have based a large part of my life on the premise that two statements that contradict one another cannot both be true. I am also aware that I sometimes live a life that seems inconsistent with this belief. Often times this creates apparent contradictions. I am now inviting you to be apart of them.

24 Hours 3 and 4!

I am not sure how much more I can take, I know it has been only been four hours in Jack's newest incredibly bad day, but my heart is already thumping out of my chest. Tony is bad but now he is good. Maybe Bill is bad and Chloe too. Then again maybe everything is as it seems. No one knows and one of the things I have learned about after many years as a 24 fan is that you can't be sure until the last episode. The worst part of this all is that I am the guy that over analyzes everything and I am not anywhere close to done over thinking the potential plot twists this season. Below are some of my potential plot twists for the remainder of the season.

1. The Dallas ending - the last 7 seasons have actually been a dream and Jack has been in a coma.

2. The Florida State vs. Georgia Tech ending - Jack will make a strong push to the end of the season have a chance to win it all with 3 seconds to go, fumble everything and the whole world blows up. (I know that this isn't going to happen, but I think it is the only way I can mention the way Florida State lost to Georgia Tech again without totally getting the crap beat out of me by my wife).

3. Godzilla ending - Bad guys contract a mercenary Godzilla who begins swatting planes from the sky and then begins threatening the White House or the grave of any of the like 20 presidents that have been used on the show thus far. After a few hours (like 24) of terror, Jack single handily slays the monster by sneaking up the back of Godzilla and killing him in a totally awesome way with a ball point pen and the cell phone charger that has never been seen in the show otherwise.

4. The Office ending - Jack makes terrorist sit through 22 hours of Human Resources meetings and they give up as they begin to move into changes of the dental benefits for the new fiscal year.

5. Internet ending - Facebook friends totally rat out plans for terrorists wife's birthday gift and then terrorist's wife twitters the whole evil plan. Former CTU operatives hack into computers of terrorist opening one adult content site and the flood of pop ups and self installing malware and virus crashes all system and averts disaster for at least 24 hours because that is how long it takes to patch a Windows XP system completely. (Everyone knows the bad guys use windows and the good guys use Macs.)

If you have any other endings leave them in the comments and I will blog them with some of my others in a few days.


  1. The Vlad said...

    SO Jack is back for the seventh time (well eighth if we count Redemption). They promised a different story line, a completely different 24 and so far it looks that way. Jack seems really REDEEMED.. Was it just me, or does Jack act like a different person, without the weight of his past pressing down on him?? It seems like he's dealt with everything, and he's come at peace with what he had to do.
    Also, I've been waiting for the day when Jack and his team would be able to work outside the Government - although Jack has obviously never had a problem with breaking the rules, but now he actually has the open support of Bill, Chloe and Tony, whereas in the past they would help him, but kinda still stay within the boundaries of the rules of engagement.
    I've re-watched seasons 1-6 in the past 3 months, and I would watch 3,4 episodes at once; but now I have to be tortured and wait a WHOLE WEEK between episodes!! Can anyone spell heart attack?!?!
    Anyway, here's to an awesome Season 7, hopefully it'll stay good til the very end!!

  2. Erin said...

    You have to be the biggest 24 fan EVER and I am just glad that it is back on so I get to see that happy 24 smile back on your face. :)

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